Hot Home Decluttering Tips from Interior Designers

For people across America, decluttering has become somewhat of a frenzy. Whether you live in a spacious 4-bedroom home or a tiny studio apartment, having clutter invade your personal space can be downright frustrating. In the ideal scenario, your home is the place where you go to escape the daily drudgery. But clutter makes your living space both crowded and uncomfortable. By better organizing your living space, you can make room for change and better manage your time.

We bring you exciting ideas to breathe new life into your home and transform that clutter into your dream space. No more wishful thinking, it’s time to take action and give yourself a home that befits your lifestyle and day-to-day life. Take it from interior designers and learn to let go. Initiate Operation Declutter.

Start small and take your time

We’ve already established, both theoretically and empirically, that clutter can be overwhelming. But decluttering, too, can be as demanding and taxing, especially if you have years-worth of clutter to tackle. Start small, one room or area at a time, but don’t overthink it. It’s easy enough to get sentimental about items that really belong in the so-long pile. Dwelling on the past is not doing you any favors, so organize your space with your day-to-day life in mind.

Avoid clutter on counter and tabletops

Whether it’s picture frames and knick-knacks on your living room tabletop or kitchen utensils on your kitchen counter, this type of clutter gives the area a crowded feel. These areas are every home’s key clutter zones, so be mindful of how you organize them to keep clutter under control in the future.

Limit distractions to restore tranquility 

Less is more is a rule interior designers swear by. Patterned textiles may be eye-catching, but they can also be distracting, especially in the bedroom, a place where you need peace and serenity. The same goes for the living room, where you run the risk of getting carried away with details such as too many throw pillows which do nothing but overcrowd the seating area and hinder relaxation.

Stay committed and focused on the task at hand

Creating a functional and serene interior design takes commitment and resolve. Once you start the process of getting rid of all the useless things, keep your eyes on the prize and focus on all the time and energy you will save by having less cleaning and maintenance to do going forward. Keep only the items that serve a purpose, even if it’s merely a decorative one.

Repurpose rooms you seldom use

Flexible rooms are a hot interior design trend, and for a legitimate reason. Instead of letting the guest room collect clutter, turn it into a flex room. It can be a spacious home office or a children’s playroom with ample shelving for storing toys and books. And while you’re at it, opt to renovate using neutral materials and classic pieces of furniture so you can do some small-scale renovating whenever you need a refreshing interior design change.

Boost functionality with multipurpose furniture

The idea of decluttering is to get rid of stuff, not add more stuff to the pile. But when it comes to decluttering, versatile modern furniture that you can easily adapt to different scenarios fits the bill perfectly. 

When we think about clutter, we usually focus on the small items and seldom think about how that chunky sofa and the shelfless coffee table in front of it help make the situation worse. You barely have enough leg room, let alone sufficient storage space, which is the ideal setting for clutter to pile up in.

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Master the art of smart storage

Your home may be more prone to clutter if you lack storage space. Move away from disorganized open storage units and consider innovations such as a multi-shelf bar cart for the kitchen and bathroom, a spacious sideboard for the dining room, or contemporary shelving for the living room which can both do wonders for your decluttering efforts and cater to your storage needs.